Rundown of Internet Librarian

Internet Librarian was intense. My friend and I left San Jose around 830-845 am and got there a little before 10 am. Not too bad a drive really, and at least we got to talk about our feelings…and stuff. Arriving at Internet Librarian…I could FEEL the nerdiness. It was overwhelmingly AWESOME. I’ll break down the… Continue reading Rundown of Internet Librarian

The uncanny baby valley

I can’t wait for the day when robots and humans will co-exist…or when robots will take over the planet, Matrix-style. Until that time actually occurs, I’m pretty sure we have nothing to worry about because people in general are still scared. There’s this concept in psychology and robotics (I think those are the appropriate fields…)… Continue reading The uncanny baby valley

This is why I Twitter

There’s something to be said about Twitter. Even though many people don’t get it, they know what it is. You may not really understand its purpose, but you know that people out there are using it and what they are doing on it. When I first joined twitter, it was mostly because I thought I… Continue reading This is why I Twitter

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Idealistic love

Sometimes, I’m so glad I was never this idealistic. I never once thought that I would find “The One” on my first time out. I never lived a fantasy life in my head of traveling and idealizing things that I had no real idea about. It’s interesting to now be writing about this article, after… Continue reading Idealistic love

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The backlash against things not considered “masculine”

It’s funny to read this article – I just finished reading a book called American Nerd, in which there was a section describing why there is such hatred towards the nerd and what Americas reaction towards the nerd was like in the early part of this century. The backlash against the nerd was that nerds… Continue reading The backlash against things not considered “masculine”

A fractal/recursive social network

Today’s announcement of a modified Groups feature brought out my latent mathiness (the concept of recursion/fractals) ¬†with this thought – that Facebook is now opening up…a Facebook. From my understanding of Groups, it will be a closed social network that you can invite subgroups of your friends to, kind of what Facebook was like in… Continue reading A fractal/recursive social network

Hyperlocal ads

Two things come out at me from this article, about Google moving towards a hyperlocal ad revenue stream 1) Before, I would have said this was a major invasion of privacy, using the phones GPS unit, or triangulating the location using the cell towers, to send out local ads to Google results. But really, this… Continue reading Hyperlocal ads