Captain Fight Club

I’ve never seen the entirety of Captain Ron until tonight. While for some people it brings back fond memories, I can’t say it really made an impression on me. That is, until the end. When Captain Ron disappears from sight, I was immediately hit by the realization that this was a PG-13, years ahead version… Continue reading Captain Fight Club

On the masculinity of heroes

Superhero shows always get me. From the animated to the live action, they’ve always held a special place in my heart. Whenever a new one is being discussed, I always make sure to give the pilot a chance. I immediately fell in love with Heroes when it started, but became severely disappointed by the end… Continue reading On the masculinity of heroes

American Wussy

While cleaning up the library, I saw a banner on the top of the Wall Street Journal advertising an article called “Are American Wusses or Just Fond of Trash Talk?” and it obviously got me excited. The banner depicted what we would normally consider the geekier end of the spectrum of masculinity. Right there,  I… Continue reading American Wussy

Modern Masculinity

I don’t really have the correct words to talk about this post. I’ve been pondering it for weeks now and just haven’t come up with what I really want to say about it. I’ll just try to go all stream of consciousness and see whether or not I am able to produce a logical, intelligent… Continue reading Modern Masculinity

The backlash against things not considered “masculine”

It’s funny to read this article – I just finished reading a book called American Nerd, in which there was a section describing why there is such hatred towards the nerd and what Americas reaction towards the nerd was like in the early part of this century. The backlash against the nerd was that nerds… Continue reading The backlash against things not considered “masculine”