Rundown of Internet Librarian

Internet Librarian was intense.

My friend and I left San Jose around 830-845 am and got there a little before 10 am. Not too bad a drive really, and at least we got to talk about our feelings…and stuff.

Arriving at Internet Librarian…I could FEEL the nerdiness. It was overwhelmingly AWESOME.

I’ll break down the sessions I attended by day.


Mobile that works for your library: Interesting, but much of what was presented I already knew about. There was a lot of discussion about webapps vs native apps and things. I probably should have paid a bit more attention but…I’ll explain why I didn’t later on =)

Libraries in a Transliterate, Technology Fluent World: Wasn’t really sure what this was about at the time, but I guess the idea of transliteracy is knowing how to use different media  and that literacy is no longer just about knowing how to read and write, but about using technology appropriately.

“Cryptic Love Letters”-Digital Primary Sources: Unfortunately, what could have been a really great learning experience was marred by the lack of focus on what was presented. I was initially drawn to this presentation because I saw the word “maps” in the description…the presentation devolved to just showing different online repositories of primary sources, rather than discussing what they are, what they could be used for, etc.

Facebook as a Learning Management Tool: This…felt odd. While I’m interested in the idea of using Facebook as an LMS, it just felt oddly incomplete. We were presented with a class taught within Facebook and how you could use Facebook features to emulate an LMS. Unfortunately, one of the speakers…did not feel as if he addressed the topic. Or if he was only tangentially.

Mobile future: Ended up being a discussion of mobile apps and random things. Informative for people who aren’t necessarily into Mobiles.

After Mobile Future, my friend and I went back to our hotel and worked on our presentation. I was super stressing about it because we were nowhere near finished. We got as much done as we could, then went to the Crown and Anchor for an IntLib2010 tweetup.

This ended up being the best part of the day! Meeting other librarian tweeters, seeing them loosen up and sing karaoke and discuss random things. TOO COOL AND AWESOME.


Worked on our presentation right up until we presented. I was so nervous. My supervisors from work were there to watch me and I was a WRECK.

It went well – I’m always nervous before a presentation, but then when I’m in the middle of it I relax and go with the flow. I’ll post up a link to my notes and slides sometime soon…

After the presentation, I ate a crepe then took a two hour nap in my car while waiting for a friend. Good times 😀

OH! Actually! I interviewed a maps/gis librarian for a project and that was so awesome. I got to learn a bit more about being a maps/gis librarian and I think I would like to go that route somehow…I do have a semi background in GIS and geography.

Overall: #intlib2010 was awesome. The. End.

Can’t wait for CLA, which is in three days (oh hell…I gotta finish my presentation for that still too!!!!)

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