Captain Fight Club

I’ve never seen the entirety of Captain Ron until tonight. While for some people it brings back fond memories, I can’t say it really made an impression on me.

That is, until the end. When Captain Ron disappears from sight, I was immediately hit by the realization that this was a PG-13, years ahead version of Fight Club.

Point number one: the main character lives a drab, boring life, with no means for excitement.

Point number two: he discovers/inherits something that can change his life, mix things up, make life exciting.

Point number three: he runs into someone completely different from himself, who everyone loves and they go on this grand adventure.

Point number four: jealous of the other man, he tries to send him away, only to discover he may have needed him.

Point number five: the other rescues him, then convinces him that he can do better. He can be more awesome and command attention and action.

Point number final: the other disappears once the main character discovers that he is better than he really is.

My mind? Blown!!!!! What do you think?

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