On the masculinity of heroes

Superhero shows always get me. From the animated to the live action, they’ve always held a special place in my heart. Whenever a new one is being discussed, I always make sure to give the pilot a chance. I immediately fell in love with Heroes when it started, but became severely disappointed by the end of the second season.

The Cape, the newest superhero movie, seems really intriguing. There’s something to be said about not relying on mutant powers or special technology to fight crime. I love that it harkens back to an older form of technology to empower the hero. Having not seen the show still, I can’t place much of a judgment on it. I want to see it, and from what I’ve heard it has a character similar to Oracle – an information broker. So that’s pretty exciting for an information professional to see.

Focusing on the main character, it looks like he is supposed to play the everyman, downtrodden and forced to prove himself because of the Man. It calls into question the things that a man must do to prove himself to his family – he must rely not on new technology, but an older ideal of masculinity and strength to prove himself. This could be a really interesting show if they showed the disconnect between technology and old ideals.

This is going to be a light post, that I will add more to later – I just feel terrible that I’m so behind with my posting….

Source: If The Cape is really our new hero, then America is doomed

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