Hathaway, Hathaway, Hathaway

There’s something funny about the fact that popular stars fan a have some kind of effect on real world things, like the stock market or page views. The Hathaway effect isn’t the first documented, but for me, it’s the most interesting. I’ll discuss the Hathaway effect later, but let’s look at some of its antecedents… Continue reading Hathaway, Hathaway, Hathaway

Connecting our ideas through physical hyper-links

There is a beauty to visualizing connections. I sometimes daydream and think of how things are connected and how they flow from one to the other. However, my daydreams have nothing on this book. This artist has created a book in which we can trace the connections between words and ideas through a physical thread.… Continue reading Connecting our ideas through physical hyper-links

Captain Fight Club

I’ve never seen the entirety of Captain Ron until tonight. While for some people it brings back fond memories, I can’t say it really made an impression on me. That is, until the end. When Captain Ron disappears from sight, I was immediately hit by the realization that this was a PG-13, years ahead version… Continue reading Captain Fight Club

No sense of place

I feel a little lost. Though I know physically where I am, I don’t know where I am in the sense of where I really belong. I love the Bay Area. Having lived here for three years, I’ve grown very fond of it’s people and its quirks. I love the many restaurants that dot the… Continue reading No sense of place