Emotional attachment to an inanimate object

I’ve always formed a weird bond with my gadgets. Not to the point where I fantasize about them, but rather I love them dearly.

It all started when I was in college and had my FIRST cell phone. I grew to love it instantly, being able to communicate with friends, call my best friend at 3 am so we could break down our days, just being a lifeline for me. When I broke that phone and replaced it with a Nokia, I was even more in love.

I accidentally lost that phone on a ride at Disneyland and for a whole 13 hours, I was in a state of panic. I was LOST and DISCONNECTED without my phone. I ended up calling Disney and described my phone to a T. The woman on the other end said “I’ve never met anyone who could describe their phone with such detail….”

Let’s skip a few years and now get to current times: the iPad. I just bought the previous generation last week and I’m infatuated with it. I love the ease of use, the lightness of it, and the ability to just carry it everywhere. When the new generation was announced, I was a little torn: do I return the old one and upgrade?

But then it dawned on me: I’m not a specs whore. I don’t care if the new one is faster, lighter, better. I love my iPad cause it does what I NEED it to do. and it’s convenient. It’s about the experience of using the iPad, rather than its speed or specs. For some people, this is what keeps them within the Apple ecosystem.

I don’t want to say that I’m a purely emotional person, but I am. I let my emotions control me sometimes, but at the same time I am logical. I hate that about me. That I can end up being both logical and emotional. At least I’m not a robot….

New iPad Appeals More to Emotion Than Reason — State of the Art – NYTimes.com.

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