On the digital hereafter

I suppose I’ve always been kind of morbid. I have an interest in the reasons behind suicide and I’ve pondered what happens to our digital lives after we have passed away. When I found out about this program at Hood College studying Thanatology, I considered applying for it. The idea behind the program is to train people to deal with the bereaved and the terminally ill.

I would like to consider myself to be a very caring person; however, I don’t think I can handle dealing with people who are dealing with death. I’d rather study it from far away. But the idea of grief and taking care of your assets when you pass is still something I think about.

I am on too many different social networks, websites, blogs, etc for me to make a good assessment of my spread. I’d like to be able to come up with a way to inform my loved ones of my accounts so that they can handle it for me when I pass, but I don’t really know who I can trust to deal with all of it. Of course, I could always rely on my best friend…

I’ve seen so may instances of people being memorialized online – like in World of Warcraft and on Facebook. (The later example is especially memorable for me, as Joey was a friend of mine in middle school). I’d like to think that my online community would try to remember my presence, but I highly doubt that. I’d like it if at least my close friends and family would do something similar to that.

Until something happens to me, I’ll just stick to keeping my passwords to myself. Besides…who will miss my constant online presence.

Source: After Death, Protecting your ‘Digital Afterlife’

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