Learning too many things at once

I’m really good at signing up for a bunch of things at once and trying to learn multiple things at once.

Just now, I just signed up for a four week course from FlowingData to learn how to work with R and create data visualizations. I’ve been flirting with the idea of signing up for it, it cost 59 bucks, but you also get access to their membership areas and loads of tutorials.

I also just finished my first week of Learn to Speak Korean I on Coursera. Brandon and I took First Step Korean last year, which got us started with hangul and basic words. But now, this course is actually about REAL conversations. so this should be cool.

Am now I’m flirting with the idea of also learning Japanese/kanji, just so that maybe it would be easier to navigate Japan whenever we go…

Let’s see how this goes.

Starbucks Chiseled Collection as the mainstreaming of the New Aesthetic

It’s been a while since I last posted. I’ve been working on a bunch of projects, some articles are in the pipeline, a book chapter or two will be coming out in the next year, and just general academic librarian issues.

I’m currently sitting at Starbucks, drinking what is possibly one of the sweetest drinks I’ve ever had here – a Caramel Ribbon Frap, just to try it out. I was looking at their marketing for the drink and their new collection and realized it’s very…New Aesthetic-y. You know, that new glitch aesthetic, homemade/handmade/diy/imperfect. Examples of New Aesthetic include this tumblr, a very good article from Wired, and this post by Gizmodo with links to other examples.

At Starbucks, they released their early summer drinks and a new collection of cups that are chiseled like idealized icebergs. Looking at it, I don’t get the cool/chill look that they are going for – I get the digital, imperfect aesthetic that they didn’t mean for. It’s almost the perfect example of a mainstreaming of the New Aesthetic – an introduction to the world of a new look for consumer products.

What do you think? Are you familiar with the New Aesthetic? What do you think of it?


One of my biggest things since starting my new job is to bring lunch. I don’t want to end up buying lunch all the time. One thing I miss about my old job – free lunches!

Thank goodness I’m all about bento boxes. I have four now, plus random tupperware-type things. Here are my two newest ones – a cute Japanese one and a Rubbermaid one.


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