Student Experience or Belongingness?

So part of my role in the Library is to serve as the “expert” on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion initiatives – its super big and I’m like nervous about actually executing everything correctly (Thanks weird perfectionist streak!)

As part of this role, I’m looking into developing some sort of survey to send to students to understand their view of the library. There are a lot of examples of this type of survey, but in doing some reading, I’m wondering if I might have to create my own?

So much of what is out there already seems to be tied to student success (how many times someone uses the library, does library usage lead to higher GPA, etc.). What I am really interested in is do students feel a sense of belonging in the library. While yes, I care that library use could correlate with student success, I also want students to feel comfortable and welcomed in the Library.

If you have any ideas or examples, please feel free to send them to me on Twitter!

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