When teaching your first class, talk slower!

I taught my first infolit class a week or two ago. I think it went well. As well as it could have gone considering it was the first college class I’ve ever taught!

Yup. I’m an academic librarian. So excited.

One thing I learned while I was teaching that class was that I talk really fast. I figured that all of my presentation experience would have taught me to speak slower when in front of people. Apparently not.

Another thing is to not really put too much trust on untested tech. I tried to use my iPad as my presentation platform – it worked fine for the first demo but when it was time to present a website, oh man. The app I used broke down. I had to quickly switch to the desktop.

I mean, for the first class, it wasn’t bad. Im looking forward to teaching my full fledged class this fall!

T-minus a few weeks left!

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