On programming, and picking up skills that I should have developed before…

Ever since I started this job, I’ve been thinking in the back of my head that I’ll have to end up doing a bunch of programming – just for my own benefit.

It’s now come to this – I’ll have to step up my game with Processing.

Reason: I have a touch table in my room now and, while it runs Windows 7, I’d like to be able to create some applications that are specifically touch related. It looks as though there is a way to use a library of code called TouchLib┬áthat will allow touch interaction, but to get beyond the simple demos I’ll have to make my own applications. It said I needed to use C++.

Thank god that’s not actually true – I can use Processing – which I have been learning on my own anyway! Perfect!

A lot of my time has now been dedicated to doing something awesome – I’m pretty excited about this project, and any other web projects I may have. I’ll for sure be updating the blog with more of my shenanigans…heh

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