The Perils of Internet Celebrity

It’s hard out there, being slightly famous and known by the Library world. I just have to keep myself grounded, before I let all this fame get to my head…

Wait. What am I talking about? Oh. Right. I’m pseudo famous. Or as I liked saying all weekend at CLA “I’m big on the Internet”

This all started Friday afternoon at the Exhibit Hall at CLA. I was walking around, checking out the exhibits when I heard rumors of a carving station. Being a slave to roasted meat, I went in search.

Roast beef, get in mah belly! Standing in line, I’m chatting with a colleague when out. Of. The. Blue. Someone comes up to me to tell me they love my blog.

I’m sorry. You must have me confused with someone else. And she started telling me about my posts. So. Awesome. I’m glad that others are reading my blog and enjoying it. And that she enjoyed one of my favorite pieces, about idealistic love.

Shoutout to Jill S!

Well, this went straight to my head! I spent the rest of the conference telling people I’m Internet famous (when they talked to me)

Aside from this encounter, I also did this little thing called Battledecks: Click here for synopsis/video. It was kind of awesome-slash-embarrassing. All of the other contenders were library professionals – they’ve been doing this for YEARS. I was the only student who was ballsy enough/stupid enough to volunteer. Well, as expected, I did TERRIBLY but still had major fun. The judges were really nice to me and even gave me a group hug! awwwww.

The video of the hug is not up anywhere; let’s just say I was embarrassed and embraced. (see what I did there?)

The next day, on the exhibit floor, I had so many people come up to me and tell me they saw me at Battledecks! It was crazy! I kinda loved it. I, of course, hammed it up and just acted like a goofball the entire time. I even wore my QR code for the rest of the day, telling people to scan me. That was a great ice breaker, as I ended up talking to so many people about QR codes!

So, like I said, I’m big on the Internet =)

Full CLA rundown will be posted sometime tonight or tomorrow. Expect lots of boring details about sessions, along with a crazy review of the weekend as a whole!

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