Resolved: Be more productive!

Recently, a friend of mine reminded me that I’m a hoarder. Not of physical objects (despite what the look of my room might suggest), but of ideas.

Despite my addiction to my iPhone, I still carry around a moleskine notebook and a pen – allowing me to write our ideas for new projects, sketch pages that I want to create, outline papers/presentations, etc. I’ve always loved the physicality of writing something down on pen and paper.

Looking through my notebook, I’ve noticed how so few of my ideas are followed through. It kind of depresses me that I have all of these ideas, but I never get around to doing them. So, in this new year, I will make a resolution.

In addition to the WordPress challenge of a daily blog post, I will aim to accomplish one of my projects/goals a month. The first project will be planning out and starting the research on a paper for the LITA Student Writing Award. I don’t want to talk about what topic I want to write about (not that I’m worried about people stealing it), but I just don’t want to jinx it.

The paper itself is due on the 28th of February, giving me plenty of time to work on it. Maybe I’ll get lucky and win the award and/or get it published somewhere and/or present it at another conference somewhere. I’d love to make up for my bad paper presentation in Milwaukee last year.

So for now, this is the beginning. 2011 will be a productive year for me. I can feel it. I’ll be done with my MLIS in May, hopefully start applying for jobs, getting offers, or even applying for PhD programs. Who knows! All I know is that I don’t want to let this year go by without doing anything.

If I’m going to do anything, I’ll do it with my whole heart. All in, All the time.

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  1. We need your thoughts and ideas Andrew. The downside of you not DOING, is that we all lose out! Can’t wait to see what your productive nature will produce!

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