It’s official….

This past weekend was Convocation from SLIS. It was a long time coming, as I graduated a year later than I expected. However, that was fine.

This was a long weekend, so let’s break it down…

Thursday – my mom came up from Orange County to watch my graduate and I spent Thursday with her.

Friday, I had work in the morning, followed by an afternoon event that I had planned – a Pre-Convocation Faculty/Student/Alumni mixer. It was very well attended and, from what I heard, the faculty were very excited for the event, as they were able to meet students and relax after their Faculty Retreat. I got to meet one of my favorite professors, Dr. Susan Aber, and made some pretty good connections. It was interesting to find out that people sort of knew me. Does that make me infamous? After the mixer, a few of us went to P.F. Changs for dinner and that was great to have dinner with some friends – haven’t had one of those dinners in a long time. Since we were in downtown, I had suggested we go to my favorite bar – singlebarrel. The line was AWFULLY long, but worth the wait. I met up with some OC SLIS folks, and we drank and had a good time.

Saturday – convocation time! There was some drama that I’m not well versed on so I won’t make any judgments regarding it. The ceremony itself was VERY long…but all the graduates should be acknowledged, so thats understandable. Dr. Haycock was the speaker and his ten points really resonated with me. His suggestions regarding what to do now that we’ve graduated are things that I’ve been doing for the past year, so that felt good to be validated. He also suggested we carry our business cards everywhere – my roommate and cousin both suggested I should have given him my card on stage, but I didn’t think about it because Dr. Haycock went “so you’re Andrew Carlos…”, which really threw me off. My mom took us out to dinner at a chinese buffet and it was delicious. mmmm

Sunday – Woke up for dim sum! Then Paulo and I went to watch Thor – awesome movie! Highly recommended. Then I went home and slept for hours and hours and hours. I <3 sleep. Monday - feeling lazy, I keep looking at my todo list and groan at how much I have booked myself....

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