23 Things for Professional Development

I’ve been meaning to do a 23 Things for the longest time. I’m glad that one of my facebook friends posted that she was doing this, as it introduced me to the idea of doing this as well.

I’m doing this program mainly for the networking aspect of it. I want to see what others out there are doing in terms of professional development and see what I can glean from their experience. I’m already vaguely familiar, if not proficient in much of the technology being discussed but really, I could use a new perspective. I’ve been using the technologies in a certain way for the longest time and I think I need a breathe of fresh air and a new way of thinking about how to use them. I’m hoping to meet others doing 23 Things and to expand my network of similar-minded folks.

Actually, I’m pretty excited for the Personal Brand section. I feel that I’ve developed a certain brand, a certain style in my writing and what I talk about, but any insight as to how to develop a better brand is always welcome. Maybe I’ll even come up with a logo for myself. Who knows?

I’ll be setting up a Category for all of my 23Things posts, so that they will be easier to follow.

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