Online handles as a discussion of identity change

God, to look back at my first online handle is like…foreverago.

Let’s see…I think the first screen name I used was back in like, 1992 – whatever generic AOL screenname we had. I’m pretty sure I used my parents screen name then convinced them to let me create my own AOL name. That became ARCRA25 – ARC – my initials. RA – repeated for good measure. There were apparently 25 other ARCRAs out there. Nice and generic yes?

This handle stuck with me until high school…senior year. I created a new AIM screen name to um, anonymously chat with a friend….yeah, let’s go with that story. This became “secretfanofu”.

OH actually..before this, I had a variety of screen names that I used on DDRFreak, to chat with folks about Dance Dance Revolution. The one that stuck with me the most…was TemporarySpastic. 1) Let’s get serious, I’m a little spazzy. 2) This was from a Wu-Tang Clan name generator. 3) it was often shortened to “spazzy”.

Back to “secretfanofu” – this screen name stuck with me forever. Until recently, I used either secretfanofu or my full name, andrewcarlos as an identity. Now, I’m trying to unite my online identities as a librarian and information professional under @infoglut.

What about you? Share your stories about embarrassing online handles!

The Eternal Shame of Your First Online Handle – Technology – GOOD.

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