Delicious’d: Logic Games Online – Nurikabe

So this is the first post in another series I’ve decided to start, and I’m calling it Delicious’d – a series of posts about things that I’ve bookmarked in Delicious. In this way, I get to review the things that I thought were apparently good enough to save.

For this first post, I decided to go with the first thing I ever Delicious’d: Nurikabe.

What a fun little logic game, similar to minesweeper in that you have to use clues to determine the binary nature of each block. Each reload of the page will bring you a new Nurikabe to work with. You should definitely check it out if you want something to do to kill time

I think at this point, I might have been going through my Sudoku phase…although, was sudoku big in the US in 2006? I don’t recall it being super popular yet. I wonder why this was the first thing I ever book marked. The interesting thing is that it says “Imported” as one of the tags..imported from where? Was I using a different bookmarking tool at the time? I actually think I might have been using Furl – I loved it cause it saved a cached copy of the page!

This is going to be an interesting series…I wonder what I’ll find in my 5 years of Deliciousing! (OMG, it’s been five years? The first thing I ever bookmarked, was on Nov 3rd, 2006…)

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