See what I did there? I referenced a poor excuse for a musical track by a washed up backup dancer to introduce something TOTALLY wicked awesome.

For those unfamiliar with the idea of a POPOS, it’s an acronym standing for Privately Owned Public Open Spaces. Essentially, what they are places around the downtown San Francisco area which the public has access to and is provided by a private company. This is because of an agreement between the city and these companies, that they must provide some sort of public space.

The terrible thing is that these spaces aren’t very well indicated or are hidden. This is unfortunate, as some of the images that I have seen of them make them look so appealing. My goal before the end of this year (or whenever I move to San Francisco) is to visit each and every one of these spaces.

And with this Google Map showing their location, this will be even easier. Who want’s to go on an adventure with me?

SPUR POPOS guide now in Google Maps | SPUR – San Francisco Planning + Urban Research Association.

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