(Lesson) Planning for the Future

I sometimes like to sit here and fantasize about what I’ll be doing in the future.

I’d love to teach again, and not just literacy/library/research related courses. Like actual, random, curricular courses. Much like how UCLA had the Fiat Lux program, I’d love the opportunity to propose a class and teach it.

One class I’m dying to teach is a sociology of celebrity class, doing a comparison of the lives/fame of a variety of celebrities to build a framework on celebrity. In reality, it’s just an excuse for me to finally create that Kanye West-inspired class that I’ve been thinking about lately. One of the required books would be Kanye’s Thank You and You’re Welcome – a collection of his thoughts on celebrity, fame, and culture.

Another class is inspired by a presentation I was just working on regarding statistical literacy. In this course, we discuss bias through statistics, create our own datasets, and work on creating visualizations. It will heavily rely on visualizations and infographics, and would encourage students to be as creative as they could with their work.

I guess in the near future, I should start/finish planning my lessons for my web design class, since I lost most of my lesson plans when my hard drive died…

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