I want to do everything and nothing

I want to do everything in the library. I want to shelve the books, I want to process the books, I want to teach the classes.

I want to do nothing with the library. I want to create websites, I want to learn how to program, I want to be a technologist.

It’s really hard for me to realize that I want to do all of these things at once but that I can’t. I want to be teach classes, I want to learn how to program. I want to process books, and I want to create websites. In my first month or so, I’ve pretty much done all of these things. Well. Not the teach a class part, but that’s something that’s out of my hands and I don’t think needs to be addressed. I’ve become more accustomed to dealing with the technology issues that happen everyday and that’s a good thing.

As part of our back to school process, we are all required to come up with a goal for the year. Me being me, I managed to create a goal that is not feasible in a year, but rather a ten year goal. Whoops?

On the bright side, I’m getting things done – I’ve started working on a style guide for our LibGuides and I’ve also managed to mess it up all at the same time! I accidentally forgot to close off my <style> tag…oops? That made the entire page GREEN and no other elements to show up. Lesson learned: DOUBLE CHECK CLOSING TAGS!

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