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I’ve been slacking lately on my posts, but with the new year I feel like I can finally refocus on this little project of mine. I’d also like to start creating original posts, rather than commenting on interesting links that I find online. For now, this will do. Maybe in the future, I’ll start releasing short snippets of interesting bits of papers that I’m writing on, or projects of mine that are mainly offline.

Now, on to the main post..maps.

This interesting in mapping came about mainly in college, and it was because I loved the idea of studying the growth of suburbs and mapping out migration patterns for immigrants. It’s really cool, it’s really visual, and allows you to analyze what is going on.

I especially love looking at cool, unique, or even controversial maps. These maps from Mental Floss don’t really seem too controversial to me, but they are most definitely interesting.

Of these three, the one that I love the most is the one that suggests a reorganization of the United States into new states. How much work would have to be put into that? Even if the supposed new states allowed for a more equal distribution of resources, it would be difficult to break from the connection we have with our former states. There is a lot of emotional attachment connected to our sense of geography. To be forced to reassociate ourselves with a new state, while also internally mourning the loss of our former state would be difficult for so many people – especially given the bonds we have formed and the history behind each state.

via mental_floss Blog ยป 3 Controversial Maps.

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