Creator Glut

One thing that I’ve been meaning to do has been to do stuff. I’m in this rut where I just don’t feel like doing anything cool.

I haven’t knitted anything in forever. I haven’t finished any of my art projects. I haven’t been studying Processing.

Looks like I’m not only in this rut. According to a new study, less people are creating content. Less new content, more eyeballs looking at the same content. This is definitely a bad thing in terms of Internet culture – with the same users creating content, this can fork one of two ways: we might end up with creators constantly reinventing themselves to come up with new and exciting ideas, or we might end up with creators rehashing the same, stale ideas constantly.

I’d like to hope that new creators show up – maybe teens or young adults just discovering their voice, encouraged by what they see on the Internet, transitioning from a Spectator to a Creator. Older people can contribute as well – they offer a different perspective on the Internet and Internet culture as whole. I especially would like to see those on the cusp to partake in creation – those users who were born in the 80s and know what it’s like to not use a computer to do their homework, but also have lived through the digital revolution. The Digital Half-Natives.

Source:Social Networking Users are Creating Less Content

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