Albums of 2010

I’m currently listening to Robyns Body Talk. It’s such a great pop album. I want to dance to it all day and night, even when out and about in public (i.e I’m dancing to it right now at Starbucks….). Listening to this got me thinking about what some of my favorite albums of 2010 have been. So here comes that post.

My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy is easily my FAVORITE album of the year. Hands down, it’s such a great album. I rock out to it at least once a day. Kanye West has crafted a really well thought out, beautifully written and produced album. Each song stands on its own (except for my least favorite – So Appalled). It’s been the album I’ve been looking forward to for most of the year and when it came out, I jumped out and bought it IMMEDIATELY.

The Suburbs by the Arcade Fire felt like a throwback to Funeral, which is my favorite album by them. Neon Bible was good, but there was just something that didn’t rub me the right way about it – it was too electronic if I recall correctly. Plus, the themes presented in The Suburbs are something that I can connect with – the feeling of growing up in the suburbs, just the emotion you feel being there. It’s such a wonderfully feeling album – I love FEELING music.

I’ll probably think of more albums later, but at the moment, these are the three that I am feeling right now.

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