2014 Presentations

Speaking of information, that reminds me of this puzzle!: Studying the Information Seeking Behavior of Professor Layton – Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association Annual Conference, 2014

The Geography of Information – mLibraries Conference, 2014

Teaching Tips for Next-Gen Literacy (co-presenter: Sharon Radcliff) – Internet Librarian, 2014

Visualizing Information Literacy For a New Generation (co-presenter: Sharon Radcliff) – California Library Association Annual Conference, 2014

2013 Presentations

Cardigans and Tattoos: Why are we so obsessed with Librarian Stereotypes (co-presenter: Gr Keer) – Popular Culture Association/American Culture Association Annual Conference, 2013

Out and About: Information Literacy in a Mobile Environment (Poster Presentation) – California Conference on Library Instruction, 2013

Science and Technology on the Go (Panel Presentation) – Special Libraries Association Annual Conference, 2013

Outreach through the Side Door: Marketing Libraries and Library Services through Faculty Development – California Library Association Annual Conference, 2013

2012 Presentations

Tools for Developing a Professional Learning Network (co-presenter: Brooke Carey Ahrens) – Internet Librarian, 2012

Expand your Mind: Fun and New Web Tools to Play with in your Library (Panel Presentation) – California Library Association Annual Conference, 2012

2011 Presentations

Social Media Storytelling (co-presenter: Melissa Rosales) – Internet Librarian, 2011/California Library Association Annual Conference, 2011

Serendipitous Searching and Social Bookmarking (co-presenter: Melissa Rosales) – Internet Librarian, 2011

2010 Presentations

Mind your Ps and Qs (co-presenter: Brooke Carey Ahrens) – Internet@Schools West, 2010

Building the Path (co-presenter: Brooke Carey Ahrens) – Harker Teacher Academy, 2010

The Mobile Student: educational tools for the mobile enabled student – Poster Session at California Library Association Annual Conference, 2010/Student Session at HHLIB IV*

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