American Wussy

While cleaning up the library, I saw a banner on the top of the Wall Street Journal advertising an article called “Are American Wusses or Just Fond of Trash Talk?” and it obviously got me excited. The banner depicted what we would normally consider the geekier end of the spectrum of masculinity. Right there,  I… Continue reading American Wussy

Fin de Siecle Vienna

One of the best classes I ever took at UCLA was a seminar lead by a German PhD student. I also happened to meet a pretty good friend in that class. The topic was fin de siecle Vienna – turn of the century Vienna. Given that I took it just after the turn of THIS… Continue reading Fin de Siecle Vienna

Modern Masculinity

I don’t really have the correct words to talk about this post. I’ve been pondering it for weeks now and just haven’t come up with what I really want to say about it. I’ll just try to go all stream of consciousness and see whether or not I am able to produce a logical, intelligent… Continue reading Modern Masculinity

Romanticizing the Road

A friend of mine recently posted on Facebook about what sounds like an amazing road trip: Infinite Wanderlust. I immediately got jealous and started thinking of ways that I can go on a road trip sometime. I’ve always wanted to go on a long road trip, across the country or across different states. The longest… Continue reading Romanticizing the Road